Semi-Submersible Carrier

It is the safest means of transportation to transport many of quantities of construction equipment, large-scale oil drilling ships, new build ship blocks, and float marine equipments. Based on our experience of carrying out each project with semi-submersible shipping companies around the world for more than 20 years, we carry out the charter vessel in a timely on shipper request and supply directly supervise the site and conduct engineering to ensure safe transportation.

Length Overall (LOA)248.43 metres
Length Between Perpendiculars (LPP)238.58 metres
Breadth48.80 metres
Free Deck Space175.44m x 48.8 metres
Free Deck Area8,560 square metres
Depth (To Main Deck)13.50 metres
Load line Draught (Sailing Draught)9.90 metres
Deadweight (DWT)65,000 tonnes
Transit Speed13.0 knots