• 2017

    01Founded PIN LOGIX in Seoul
    04Awarded Certificate of Completion of TECHNOLOGY START UP SCHOOL COURSE
    05Awarded PSPC(Philippine Semi Conduct Construction) PJT
    08Issued KRW 500 Million with investment option from KOREA CREDIT GUARANTTE FUND
    09Started Salvage & Towing Business with FANZHOU SHIPPING In China
    12Moved to New office
    12Achieved KRW 5 billion Sales Figure
  • 2018

    03Selected as a Member of KICT(Korea ICT STARTUP Mentoring Centre)
    04Founded Pusan Office
    05Started COSCO(Semi Submersible Team) for voyage from Alger to Ghana for Port construction
    05Partnership Agreement with TNS ENG(Towing & Salvage)
    09Awarded Certificate of Completion of KICT START UP MENTORING SCHOOL COURSE
    12Achieved KRW 6.23 billion Sales Figure
  • 2019

    01Moved to New Pusan office
    04Awarded Shipbuilding Construction PJT in Victoria Lake of Tanzania(STX Engine & Tanzania Gov)
    05Two(2) DCM Barges from Hongkong to Tongyeong by Semi Submersible Vessel
    06Started Business with Roll Dock for Transportation of Marine Equipment of Daewoo
    07Supply of Stone & Sand to An-In Power Plant in Gangneung
    09Started Towing Business with Shanghai Salvage for DCM BARGE
  • 2020

    04Marine Equipment Transportation PJT from Saudi Arabia to Korea(Return PJT from Aramco of SA) by Semi-Submersible
    05A Half Block from Mokpo to Bolshoy Camen by Towing
    08Floating Dock from Geoje to Taipei by Towing
    09Deck Barge Transportation from Masan to Balikpapan, Indonesia(incl. 460ton of Boiler Module)